City Line Construction 2021

City Line, Spokane’s first Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) route, combines frequency and efficiency in a modern streetcar-like experience. The six-mile route between Spokane’s historic Browne’s Addition and Spokane Community College will connect through downtown and the University District, including Gonzaga University.

STA is committed to communicating about all construction activities and their impacts to transit users, pedestrians, nearby business and home owners, and drivers who may be affected. Notifications and pre-construction mailers have been sent that include important project and contact information for anyone with questions about City Line and/or STA construction activities. 

For general questions about City Line construction projects call our hotline 1-844-879-3988 or email us at [email protected]

For specific information about City Line construction projects like access and utility issues, contact our Public Liason here

For specific information about City Line construction pedestrian traffic, contact our Traffic Control Supervisor here.

Construction project-specific site maps are also being distributed and posted on STA’s City Line Construction website. The maps include details such as ADA accessible pedestrian pathways, traffic detours, lane closures and parking availability.

Regular video updates from the construction sites are planned as well and will be featured on STA’s social media platforms and website.

STA is coordinating with the Downtown Spokane Partnership (DSP), the University District and affected neighborhoods about the upcoming construction plans. Other groups interested in inviting Spokane Transit representatives to speak about construction projects near their locations may click here to request a virtual presentation. 

STA is committed to providing the information and tools people need in order to minimize inconveniences. This includes, perhaps most importantly, those individuals who are physically unable to access transit due to construction. These people may be eligible for paratransit services for the duration of nearby construction and can apply for temporary paratransit eligibility by clicking here to access the application or call (509) 325-6018 for more information. 

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