City Line Launch Now 2023

Today the Spokane Transit Authority (STA) announced July 2023 as the new launch date for the City Line, eastern Washington’s first Bus Rapid Transit route currently under construction. Previously planned to launch in May 2022, the project’s schedule was significantly impacted by a national supply chain shortage of 2000 linear feet of rolled-tube steel used to complete the City Line station shelters.

City Line station rendering – rolled-tube steel highlighted in blue

“COVID-related supply chain impacts are being felt all around us both globally and locally,” said Al French, Spokane County Commissioner and longtime STA board member. “I have the greatest confidence in STA’s CEO and her team to manage this situation and deliver the project our community has worked towards for years. The City Line, with its frequent and efficient service, will be no less exciting in 2023 than it was going to be in 2022.”
Even with the new launch date, the overall project remains on track to be completed within the $92.2 million budget approved in July 2019. At the October 6, 2021 STA Board committee meetings, the agency’s CEO, E. Susan Meyer, estimated the project to be currently about $11 million under budget after accounting for the additional expenses related to the new launch date.
“We are managing the City Line project as we do all of our projects – with rigor and accountability to the public,” said Meyer. “We cannot control supply chain issues, but we can control the project budget and have done so in a way to ensure our ability to carefully manage these unknowns. With the guidance of the Board and the dedication of the STA staff, I am confident the City Line will quickly become the latest source of pride for the region.” 
Once in service, the City Line will combine frequency and efficiency in a modern streetcar-like experience. It will operate along a six-mile route between Spokane’s historic Browne’s Addition and Spokane Community College by way of downtown Spokane and the University District, including Gonzaga University.
Learn more about the project and its construction schedule here

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