Planning Begins for New Sprague Line

Sprague Line Survey

Planning is underway for more high performance transit in the Spokane region!

The Sprague Line is an important element of STA’s envisioned High Performance Transit (HPT) network and a commitment of the STA Moving Forward plan, which regional voters approved funding for in 2016.

“The implementation of High Performance Transit between downtown Spokane and Spokane Valley will provide an enhanced rider experience along the Sprague corridor by improving service and passenger amenities along the path of the current Route 90,” said Karl Otterstrom, Director of Planning and Development.

The new line, which will operate as Route 9, will connect with several other STA routes as well as with Greyhound and Amtrak.

This fall, STA will be preparing a corridor development plan to identify key improvements to bus stops and passenger amenities along this major corridor, including ADA and pedestrian improvements. Staff will also be exploring ways to improve the speed and reliability of the high-frequency bus service.

We want to hear from you. Public feedback will be an important aspect in developing the plan and will be used to inform construction and other improvements that will be scheduled for implementation in 2023 and 2024.

Click here during the month of October to see the Sprague Line project details and share your input here.

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