STA and EWU Celebrate Eagle Station

The completion of Eagle Station was celebrated on Friday, April 22 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by local leaders, university staff and students, and public transit fans who turned out to welcome one of the region’s newest investments in transit.

Eagle Station was built to accommodate over one thousand daily commuters on Routes 6, 66 and 661, which connect EWU to Spokane. The station boasts a bold design that incorporates EWU colors and features a covered and heated waiting area in addition to improved rider accessibility.

Sunshine and blue skies greeted speakers as they delivered remarks ahead of the ribbon-cutting.

“It’s a beautiful day to celebrate our region’s collaboration on this amazing facility,” said STA CEO E. Susan Meyer. “It is an iconic, functional and beautiful station to bring to the students, the faculty and the staff at Eastern Washington University, and to the City of Cheney.”

EWU President Dr. David May noted the significance of the day.

“Today is Earth Day and utilizing public transportation is just one of the many ways that EWU is committed to sustainability,” he said. “Public transportation, including this station, provides more accessibility for our community members.”

Representative Marcus Riccelli was also in attendance, and spoke on the importance of Eagle Station in the state’s goals for public transit.

“We want healthy communities with more access to transit,” he said. “More folks using transit means improved air quality and reduced traffic congestion. Transit is a critical piece in reducing barriers and providing access to jobs, education and health care.”

“Eagle Station is a perfect example of Spokane Transit’s mission to be a valued partner in our communities,” said Cheney Mayor Chris Grover. “I feel a sense of pride for STA’s commitment to provide high-quality service to their customers.”

EWU Student Body Vice President Remington Steelman thanked STA for its support for education. 

“Access to student transportation is a major aspect in terms of student success on our campus,” he said. “STA is a vital aspect of our college experience.” 

Eagle Station features a permanent Land Acknowledgement plaque, which was highlighted in remarks by Erin Ross, EWU Director of Tribal Relations. She noted the importance of the acknowledgment, which reads: Eastern Washington University resides within the traditional homelands of the Spokane People and other tribes who are connected through their shared history of this region. This land holds their cultural DNA and it is their Ancestors who are here and bring forth the knowledge of this place—the knowledge that comes from the land.

Eagle Station is part of the future Cheney Line, which will increase the quality and capacity of STA service between the EWU campus and downtown Spokane. Cheney Line is one element of STA Moving Forward, a ten-year plan to maintain, improve and expand public transit in the Spokane region.

Funding for the project came from STA and the Washington State Department of Transportation’s Regional Mobility Grant Program.

STA E. Susan Meyer, EWU President Dr. David May, Cheney Mayor Chris Grover, Representative Marcus Riccelli, and EWU Student Body Vice President Remington Steelman cut a ceremonial ribbon to celebrate the completion of Eagle Station at EWU.

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