2024 Transit Development Plan Virtual Open House

As a public transportation benefit area authority in Washington state, Spokane Transit Authority is required to develop an annual Transit Development Plan (TDP) for the following six years.

It’s a mid-range plan that outlines service planning, capital improvements and financial projections to align the short range and long-range plans of the agency.

For this year, we’re developing the plan which covers the years 2025-2030.

Join Us for the Virtual Open House

To show Spokane residents what we have planned for the next few years, we’re inviting residents to attend a virtual open house for the 2024 TDP in early June. 

You’ll learn more about current projects as well as future initiatives.

Date: June 6

Time: 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. 

Link: Link to the open house

A modern city bus with "City Line" branding is at a bus stop on an urban street. The surrounding area features tall buildings, a bus shelter, and people walking. The sky is partly cloudy, and there is a signpost with bus route information near the bus.

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