What to Pay

Fare Capping with Connect

A Connect card allows you to pay as you go using fare capping. Get unlimited rides for the rest of the day or month after your hit the cap.

Fare capping creates the best value for STA’s customers by guaranteeing riders don’t overpay for how often they ride. Riders are only charged for the rides they take, without the up front costs of buying a month or day pass.

Cash Fare and 2-Hour Pass

2-Hour Passes are valid for unlimited rides for two hours. You can purchase them with cash on the bus.

Adult (ages 19-59) – $2.00

Youth (ages 6-18) – FREE

Children (ages 5 and under*) – FREE

* Up to 3 children, under the age of 6, ride free when accompanied by a fare-paying rider.

Reduced Fare – $1.00*

* Reduced Fare Photo ID Card or Paratransit Eligibility Card must be shown each time the bus is boarded. More information about Reduced fare here.


Paratransit service for persons whose disabilities prevent them from using regular bus service. Eligibility required. More about Paratransit here.

Paratransit One Ride or Cash Fare – $2.00

Paratransit Daily Fare Cap – $4.00

Paratransit Monthly Fare Cap – $60.00

Other Fare Options

Reduced & Zero-Fare

Reduced & Zero-Fare discount options are available on our Fixed Route services to seniors, youth, military veterans and more! Zero-Fare is available to riders 18 and under.

Find out if you qualify here and apply today. 

7-Day Pass - $17.00

7-Day passes are valid for unlimited rides for seven service days (beginning the first day of use). You can purchase them at select retail locations.

Shuttle Park - $40.00

If you own a car and work downtown, you know how tough it can be to find affordable parking. Shuttle Park from STA allows you to park at the Arena and ride to downtown. More about Shuttle Park here.

Student Pass

Spokane Transit provides student passes to actively enrolled students in the local colleges, universities and select students at Spokane Public Schools, but programs vary. More about Student Passes here.

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