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Reconnecting Communities & Neighborhoods Grant Program

Spokane Transit Authority is partnering with the cities of Spokane and Spokane Valley to provide multi-modal transportation improvements along transit route 94 Millwood/East Central. The collaborative application will focus on reconnecting communities along Interstate 90 disproportionately burdened by transportation infrastructure. The project generally runs along 5th and 8th Avenues between Spokane’s Liberty Park and Spokane Valley’s Edgecliff Park.

100% Grant Funding Request (No Local Match Required)

Program Goals & Highlights

  1. Improve access
  2. Equitable development
  3. Reconnect divided communities
  4. 100% funding for disadvantaged areas

Project Elements

  1. New/improved sidewalks
  2. Bicycle facilities and pathways
  3. Crossing improvements
  4. Transit access upgrades
  5. Lighting and environmental upgrades

Download a PDF of the NAE flyer here.

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